AI Helping to Contain Raging Wildfires

In Brazil these bionic eyes, guided by artificial intelligence, can tell the difference between a dust cloud, an insect swarm and a plume of smoke that demands quick attention.
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In the future, it’s a system that may be put to work in California, where deadly wildfires abound.

“Climate change is dramatically changing the way we look at this problem of wildfires,” said Vasco Correia, chief business officer at Compta Emerging Business Solutions, which builds the devices. 

In 2019, weather and climate events killed more than 4,000 people worldwide, and caused around $42 billion in insured losses, according to the insurer Munich Re. Compta’s goal is to limit losses with warnings that can help keep a small blaze from becoming a conflagration.

The Compta system was first used in Brazil in a pilot program designed to test its effectiveness, but now is “available globally and operational,” Correia said. Read the full Bloomberg article here.

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