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The purpose of technological progress is to provide solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges

About me

Born and grown up in the beautiful capital of Slovenia I’ve traded quiet streets and snowy winters for the bustling city and beach lifestyle of Sydney.

When I’m not sticking heads together with my colleagues over some technical design, or playing with my pet projects, I enjoy discussions with my two daughters, and pictoresque harbour walks with my wife.

Current Project

Jetson Nano

These are my two self-driving robots based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano board and their JetBot open source project

In this test the robots are running a generic inference model which turns out to be pretty good. It’s fun watching them avoiding each other and making sure they don’t fall off the table, although as you can see at the end they still have some training to go through 🙂


I have over ten years of experience in design, and development of complex solutions for finance, marketing, education, real-estate and government using a spectre of technologies (.NET, SQL, NoSQL, REST, HTML, CSS, Azure, AWS), programming languages (C#, JavaScript, PHP, Java) and methodologies (SCRUM, SAFe).

I’ve held senior roles in projects through full SDLC as an architect and a tech lead, using continous integration and deployment.

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